The historical military Communication center, which is one of the very first locally in Norway, is made up of a number of items that shows the war in Ringsaker during spring in 1940.

Audiovisual presentations, as well as tableaux and objects from his intermediary in an easily accessible and exciting way

what happened during the fighting.

There is a hall in the building Garveriet`s first floor which has been remodeled and turned into a communication center.
Already when coming up the stairs to the first floor and venturing the inland corridor towards the history team offices, one is faced with the prologue to
Ringsaker, photographs of events in the Oslo fjord, when Blücher was sunk, by the government's flight from the capital, and the arrival at Hamar.
Once inside the hall we meet the main exhibition. A model created by Ole Nashaug shows where fighting was going on, while one can get information
about the individual exercise instead of a screen. Armed "soldiers" in full figure shows how they emerged 75 years ago. A list of the civilians who were
killed during the fighting on your itinerary fills a separate wall and provides a basis for reflection.
A replica of a Norwegian firing position on Lundhøgda is constructed. Furthermore, the visitor will find a true copy of a kitchen anno 1940 with the
trapdoor where members of the household were hiding when the Germans came.